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Thank you for your interest in us.
Hangang Asset Management Company has strived to keep our clients’ trust and our investment principles in the ever-changing financial industry.
Now, we are set to grow further with our clients by concentrating on developing new investment products and other active asset management techniques.
Over the years, both quantitative and qualitative growth of the local investment business have substantially intensified the competition among asset managers; this has created a trend for the management firms to be larger in size and more diverse, specialized and complex in their services.
In order to survive in this competitive market with the asset managers affiliated with local conglomerates or global financial institutions, Hangang Asset Management focuses on: 1) overseas and domestic real estate related funds and 2) BTO/BTL, energy and other infrastructure funds, We have proven to provide stable management services for these specialized funds.
Each member at Hangang Asset Management is committed to customer-driven asset management service to enhance client asset growth and protection in a more specialized financial environment, utilizing our professional expertise.
Also, we are determined to fulfill our social responsibility as an asset manager, executing socially responsible investments that always take both financial return and social good into consideration.
Rather than focusing on external competition, we will be client-centered , committed to provide honest and transparent asset management.
Thank you.

Yoo-Hoon Jeon | Hee-Seok Bang
Chief Executive Officer Hangang Asset Management