Infrastructure Funds

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1. Infrastructure Fund: Introduction

  • - Investments in SPC(Special Purpose Company) established for SOC equity or debt investment
  • - Infrastructure funds are structured to invest both investment trust and investment company
  • - Fund maturity can be longer than 20 years, a period long enough to service the infrastructure project’s business
  • - Various types of Infrastructure investments : BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate), BOT (Build-Own-Transfer),   (Build-Own-Operate) and BTL (Build-Transfer-Lease)

2. Infrastructure Fund Operation Chart

3. SOC (Social Overhead Capital) Development:Introduction

  • - Typical SOC developments are in BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) or BTL (Build-Transfer-Lease)
Facility facilities whose service charges collected from end-users
(roads, ports, parking lots, etc)
Facilities whose service charges cannot be collected from end-users
(schools, libraries, telecommunications facilities, etc)
Recovery of Investment Service charges paid by end-users Lease paid by government
Investment Risk Borne by private investors Borne by goverment
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