Core Values

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We value the person rather than the talent Hangang Asset managers lead with creativeness and innovation through rapid judgement to gain a competitive edge over upcoming competition

  • An Owner who is faithful to the basics
    - Working with a sense of ownership, we faithfully adhere to the principles and work actively with trust and honesty
    A top specialized professional
    - We have a passion for practicing and actively engaging in challenges executing the task with the best knowledge and ability
    A devoted Craftsman
    - We obediently and strongly sacrifice ourselves for the company and society
    A Creator with insight of the future
    - Not satisfied with our current status, we hope to enhance our expertise through endless self-development and create the future with intuitive insights and creative thinking.
  • Type of Recruitment

    Procedure of Recruitment

  • Title Advancement
    Standard term of promotion
    - Promotion level is common, but standard of promotion could vary for each affiliate the levels of promotion
    Personnel Evaluation
    - Employees are evaluated once a year through individual accomplishments for promotion and bonus incentives
  • - 4 Insurance policies
    - Regular health checkup
    - Support for children’s education
    - In-house welfare fund
    - Support for self development expenses
    - Support for personal events
    - Gifts for each holiday
    - Support for fuel expenses
    - Join the retirement pension
    - Long-term employee overseas training
    - Recreational facilities (Condo)
  • Hangang Asset has an annual salary system for all employees. In addition to the basic salary, a bonus payout (PS) is paid annually according to the performance of the company

    Annual salary system for all employees
    Profit incentive system
    - Paid out to employees for achieving company profit goals
    Special incentive system
    - Paid out to outstanding staff and departments that contributed to the development of the company