Core Values  

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We value the person rather than the talent Hangang Asset managers lead with creativeness and innovation through rapid judgement to gain a competitive edge over upcoming competition


someone who constantly strives to achieve the highest level of competence in the industry.


a person who has the attitude of honesty and faithfulness based on the basic knowledge of ethics.


someone who is not afraid of challenges with a passion for goals.


Person who puts customer interests first and acts


a person who creates excellent teamwork with a good personality who cares and respects.

  • Health Insurance
  • Child educational expense support
  • Self-developmental subsidy
  • Holiday gifts (Anniversary day, labour day, new years, lunar new year.
  • Pension subscription
  • Recreational facilities (Urban & Suburban)
  • Yearly medicals
  • Condolence payment support
  • Transportation cost support
  • Yearly continuous education support